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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tool # 6

Today I created an account on Wallwisher. I believe this will be a fun, yet casual way for student interaction. I seems to be very user friendly and not too complicated. Students write on a sticky note and post their thoughts in small boxes all around a thought or idea. Because the boxes are small and the writing ideas are short-or open ended, students will comfortable to post their idea or opinion.

In addition, I created an account with DIIGO--this is very helpful in saving and bookmarking websites and organizing them and making them easy to find when I need them. Very helpful tool to keep sites within reach while I am researching topics about continents, and I will use this often.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tool # 5

I have been exploring two new (to Me) Web 2.0 programs and Wordshift.  Both of them will be very helpful for me.

Wordshift is really cool because it can take a word and it creates a visual thesaurus.  Because we  have so much vocabulary that my students are not familiar with, a thesaurus is a great help.  I can see how this can help ESOL students and Sped students especially.

As for Glogster, it is fun, has lots of animated graphics, backgrounds, you can add in sounds and videos and I know the students will pay extra attention if they are uploaded to flipcharts.  Very fun and educational and I know I will use these happily!

Tool # 4 Google Docs

Wow!  I feel we have come a long way with technology in the classroom! After setting up a quiz using Google Forms, I can see that this will be an interesting way for students to quickly assess their knowledge.  Gone are the days of hearing "Miss, I don't have a pencil".  Student will log in, take a quiz, log out--just that simple.

I am also getting used to the idea of using Google docs.  I can easily see my students using it as a quick writing sample, the same way that I have used the old sticky notes as an exit pass at the end of class. What a great way to have a new close procedure.

I am definitely glad that I attended the class to learn how to set up a google account, without it, I would be lost.

Tool # 3

I love using You Tube videos as a quick opening or introduction to a new unit in social studies. There is such a huge

choice of them and they are readily available. This is an example of one I used last spring showing the ravaging tsunami in Japan. Because I am a world culture teacher, these videos are a great tool to keep handy.  In the future, I plan on putting some into flipcharts, as I have with Discovery Education  videos, however, I am still learning how to create them too!

Tool # 2 PLN

I have been viewing several educator blogs and I am very impressed with the level of success that some of the teachers are having.  The student involvement is amazing, I can tell that students really want to take ownership of what they are learning and experiencing in their classes.  I just signed up for a Diigo account and I am really looking forward to using it.  I feel that it will be a great asset.  As for sharing my thoughts online publicly, well, lets just say, I am a bit shaky.  But with time I will feel more comfortable with it I am sure.  I know my students will enjoy the experience.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tool #1

Blogging is great--I am sure I will use this daily--or at least on a weekly basis.  I love this idea, it will be a fabulous tool.