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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tool # 11 Self Assessing and Reflecting

WOW!!! I can't believe I made it to the finish line. I am feeling overwhelmed and excited at the same time. I still am having a hard time believing that there are so many technology tools out there. So much new stuff to try that I know the students will love using. And, if kids are happy, then they must be learning something too. Right?

Lately, I have been giving much thought to just how these tools will be transforming my class and changing my "old school" ways of teaching. I am looking forward to reading student blogs, and communicating in new and improved ways with parents and coworkers.

Tool # 10 Digital Citizenship

1. First and formost I want to impress to idea of respect. Techology is a privledge that can be quickly removed if not treated respectfully. I am speaking of the devices as well as other student's feelings and or privacy.

2. I will teach digital citizenship to students by modeling it as I go through assignments. I will also want to discuss copywrite laws and fail use rules before beginning an assignment. In addition, there are several video clips that are helpful demonstrations of proper citizenship.

3 A parents guide will be sent home from the Texas School Safety website to let parents know what is expected in my classroom as well as in all of Spring Oaks.

Tool #9 Incorporating Classrom Based Devices

1. Linking technology to the objective is really very important because it promotes student involvement. As technology changes the climate of a classroom,it also changes the learning styles of students. The objective remains the same but teaching and learning styles have move on into the 21st centuury.

2. Accountability is a feature within a station is of utmost importance. When students feel a sense of responsibility for their learning grades will improve as well as attitudes. I want to encourage students to journal about an experience at a particular station in order to attach meaning.

3. Thinkfinity is a great interactive website. I am also looking forward to using Learning Games for Kids, for those students that finish assignments early, or those that may need extra help.

Tool # 8 Taking a Look at the Tools

I have decided to set some very high expectations about the use of technology and being responsible students.
I will be posting clear rules about proper care and use of each device. I am also planning on assigning students the job of keeping track of devices and the chargers. If students are held accountable we will have higher sucess rate with keeping netbooks and ipads in working condition.

Tool #7

When students work collaboratively, majic happens in the classroom! I am looking forward to working with Ms. Unruh's classes and sharing our knowledge. We have discussed using Skype on a demographics project after researching countries in South America.
Objective: The students will share research data on countries in South America.
When: Second six weeks, after students are familiar with new vocabulary.
Tools: Skype in the classroom, google docs, edmodo.
Description: After researce is gathered, students will share their knowledge of cultural traits within latin countries. Information such as, their language, religion, annual income, and literacy rate.

I am looking forward to using Edmodo and I know students will love it because it works along the lines of social networking and there in even an app to download onto their phones!